About us

PHS, Inc. is a for-profit organization founded in 1994 that provides residential services to individuals with developmental and related disabilities in a foster home setting.  Services first began in Isanti County and later expanded to include sites in Chisago and Hennepin County.  PHS, Inc. provdes a highly structured, positive, and supportive environment for individuals who have developmental disabilities, mental illness, and challenging behaviors or diagnosis.

Our Mission:

To provide excellent residential supports to people through high quality direct service and management teams that emphasize quality care, attention to detail, respectful interactions, professionalism, and a commitment to consumer satisfaction.

PHS, Inc. has earned a deserved reputation over the years as being a high quality residential provider of services to people.  We are valued for our quality of direct care staff and the home-like environments we provide for the individuals we serve.  The agency currently employs approximately 80 employees to accomplish our task.